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Tailored Day Services are designed to maximize a client’s individualized choices and needs, with customization of day services through individualized services.

Tailored Day Services Program provides opportunities for increased integration and inclusion, as well as further opportunities for the consumer to develop or maintain employment and/or volunteer activities and pursue postsecondary education.

The TDS service can be utilized for up to eight hours per week. The TDS Program is in lieu of a day or work program and transportation is not included. The client and/or provider must arrange transportation to and from training sites, internships, volunteer sites, etc. The TDS program can answer any questions regarding possible transportation options. (Self, family members, friends, public transportation, Get Bus, Get a Lift, Uber, Lyft, Taxi cabs, and Kern Regional Center may be able to assist with transportation needs, talk with your KRC Service Coordinator.)

  • Tailored Day Services include the goal of further development of a client’s employment suitability.
  • Customized training services with flexible schedules.
  • Fewer program hours resulting in positive benefits.
  • Clients developing skills in employment.
  • Participating as a volunteer.
  • Attending post-secondary education programs.
  • Engaging in community integration.


TDS may include:

  • Job exploration.
  • Paid Internships (PIP – Paid Internship Program).
  • Job shadowing/Job coaching.
  • Individual Job Placement – (CIE – Competitive Integrated Employment).
  • Employment assessments.
  • Volunteer positions.
  • Opportunities for mock interviews.
  • Resume writing.
  • Job Development.
  • Actual workplace tours may possibly also be chosen.


Mobility Training and Transportation Education:

TDS can be utilized to learn travel to:

  • Work sites
  • College campus sites
  • Community activities
  • And much more!


Community Living and Self Advocacy:

This may include:

  • Personal safety training.
  • Self-advocacy and assertiveness training.
  • Interpersonal relationship development and boundaries.
  • Utilizing leisure and recreational activities.
  • Weight management and physical exercise programs.
  • Conflict resolution and communication skills development.
  • Social opportunities and community connections


For more information, please contact:

Jaime Valdez

Program Director of Tailored Day Services and Job Development



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