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Supported Employment

Supported Employment (S.E.) is a specifically designed program that provides training, work experience and support services to enable individuals with disabilities to compete in the job market. The program is built on the philosophy that individuals with disabilities are capable of performing jobs in the community with the proper training and support. The goal is to prepare individuals for Competitive Employment or to assist them in achieving their highest level of vocational functioning within the employment community.

Guidance is centered on helping our Clients maintain full-time employment in the local community. Opportunities are available for individual placement through our S.E. – Individual Department or work crew settings through our S.E. – Group Department. Clients are given the training they need at no cost to the employer. Employers obtain a hardworking, conscientious team member while helping BARC Clients earn an income.

For more information, please contact:

Dorothy Hallman

VP/Director of Programs
661-834-2272 ext. 286

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